An introduction to our team

Jenny Darling

I am a highly experienced and skilled CBT therapist, supervisor and teacher.


I am an accredited CBT practitioner, supervisor and trainer, and have been working in the mental health field since 1996. During my career I've worked in a variety of settings including inpatient and outpatient, GP surgeries, the NHS, charities, and the voluntary and private sector. As an experienced CBT practitioner I've published articles in several journals and undertaken research, facilitated training, and organised workshops.

Currently I am a clinical lecturer in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in Manchester. I see people for 1-1 therapy and supervision at my own private clinic as well as running MBCT groups and Teaching on various CBT courses.  I have recently finished my Mindfulness teacher training M.Sc. I've been a Mindfulness practitioner for several years, and I’m an advocate of Mindfulness-based interventions. I’m experienced in supervision and also supervise other CBT therapists and trainees. Teaching has given me a great understanding of the skills needed for effective CBT, and I’m fully conversant with ethical codes of practice and confidentiality.

Working in many areas has provided me with a wealth of knowledge and experience which I utilize to help individuals, couples, professionals, families and organisations create meaningful, long lasting and useful change.


Kirren Kaur


I am skilled CBT therapist and group FACILITATOR

I have worked within the mental health field for more than six years, working in the statutory, voluntary and private sectors. I have a wide range of experience with clients from a variety of backgrounds and with complex mental health issues including, substance use, mood disorder, and problems related to life adjustment. Common problems I help people with are anxiety, panic, overthinking & worry, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder and post-traumatic stress.

I’ve successfully completed my Post Graduate diploma in CBT at Bolton university I am accredited by the BABCP, the UK’s professional body for CBT therapists. I am currently working as an experienced CBT practitioner in the voluntary sector. I see people for 1 to 1 therapy and supervision. I regularly attend workshops to update and refresh my knowledge and skills, to ensure I am on top of new developments and the most effective treatments for clients. I’m acquainted with ethical codes of practice and confidentiality.

Whilst completing my course I have raised three children. Therefore, I fully comprehend everyday stresses of general life for adults, teenagers and children which we collectively can discuss in an open and understanding manner. Through my CBT experience I have recognised the importance of the therapeutic relationship being able to provide warmth, and empathy to my clients whilst building trust to enhance effective CBT treatment.